Product FAQ

Why does 1ST Contact Email offer a 30 Day Free Trial?

First and foremost we want a potential customer to have the time necessary to evaluate our unique service. Every one that will be involved with the decision to use our service is busy. We want them to have time to understand the benefits of the service but also to play with the console and try real world searches against known emails and attachments.

Second the time allows both 1st Contact and the customer to review the usage and have a solid basis to configure the initial computer processing and storage requirements correctly. The configuration can be adjusted at any time, but choosing a correct starting point will save your company money.

We have older emails stored on our Exchange server. Can these old emails be uploaded, indexed and archived? And if so what are the costs involved?

Yes. Our technical support staff will work with your staff to assist in the uploading of your historical emails and attachments. First we determine how your historical data is stored and then lay out the sequence of events necessary to upload it.

The fees 1ST Contact charge for history uploads is as follows:

1St Contact charges an hourly rate for the actual time required by 1st Contact technical support staff working directly with your staff to upload the history emails and attachments. The first 2 hours of direct support for the uploading of history is free. Your staff is invited to perform as much of the upload processes as they choose. This charge will be billed as a separate line item on the monthly invoice.

In addition to any direct support charges, there are storage charges for the history that is loaded and retained. This charge is based on the pricing plan selected. If you have selected the Fixed Price Plan a pro-rated charge for each active mail box is computed and invoiced as a separate line item on the monthly invoice. If you have selected the Active Usage Plan, the history data is loaded and you are charged for the additional storage in the normal billing cycle.

What is the difference between a backup of an Exchange Information Store and archiving?

Backing up the information store backs up the data as it exists at the time the backup is made. Emails and attachments that are deleted between backups cannot be restored. 1st Contact Email's archiving captures every email and attachment incoming and outgoing and saves that email, offsite where it is always available. A copy of the original email is stored as well as attachments. Metadata is captured for the indexing and searching capabilities in both email and attachments.