Email Continuity, Archiving, Anti-Spam

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1st Contact Email © is a revolutionary step forward in the world of email content management . Acting as a cloud-based intermediary between your exchange server and the outside world, First Contact provides a variety of powerful services, including :

Email Continuity

Using our unique technology, you direct the flow of your email first to our cloud of servers, and a server dedicated exclusively to your company. Along with our other processes, each email is directed to the appropriate mailbox and ready to be read, replied to, or forwarded at any time via our web based console, whether your Exchange servers are on or offline. If your Exchange server is down, you are still in business!

Email Archiving

Using Exchange Journaling, all emails indbound and outbound, internal or external are captured on your dedicated server, ready to be accessed by designated personel. Our processes breaks up each email and stores the metadata so easy and complex/advanced search criteria can be applied to find exactly what you need...and quick!

Email Anti-Spam

To complete your package we filter each email, BEFORE it reaches your server for spam and viruses, so your server can focus on processing email. A console is provided to review, search and release quarantine emails at any given time.


1st Contact Email © is the only product of its kind on the market today. 1st Contact Email © functions as a powerful “middle man” between your exchange server and the outside world. A cloud-based application, 1st Contact Email © scans, tags, images and queues your email while capturing metadata and other important information..

Managing the email and archiving needs of your business can be a challenge. Thanks to 1st Contact Email ©, any problems you may have had with data loss and bounceback will disappear entirely. Ultimately, 1st Contact Email © will offer you invaluable peace of mind. You will be less stressed because your business can continue to function, your IT will be less stressed because they have the time they need to fix the problem, and your customers are completely unaware that your server is down.

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